A.F. Vandevorst: The Music Video

There’s luxe and there’s luxe and then there’s Nomenus Quarterly, Erik Madigan Heck’s $6,500 seasonal journal—arguably the most expensive magazine-cum-art piece there is. That more-is-more sensibility has endeared Heck to the high-fashion brands of the world, many of which have turned up in Nomenus‘ pages. Tonight at the Chelsea Art Museum, Heck’s photos featuring the work of Demeulemeester, Lacroix, and Rodarte from quarterlies past go on display, alongside a new video piece Heck created featuring the designs of the Belgian duo A.F. Vandevorst. “I had filmed A.F.’s show in Paris with my Super 8 mm camera and wanted to extend their collection into a performance piece,” Heck explains. “I arranged for a performance of Fratres [by the contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt], to be played by four celloists in New York and in Rome, who were all wearing A.F.’s collection. I felt that their collection was best represented by this piece of music.” A.F. Vandevorst have used cellos before—their Fall 2000 show was scored by a live cellist, Filip Arickx reminded us—but the moody collaboration is certainly something new. At the very least, it marks the first juxtaposition of the designers’ work and merry-go-rounds. Have a look, below.


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