A continued account of key accessories about the apple that the US describes as basic to its civic aegis has been appear by Wikileaks.
In February 2009 the State Department asked all US missions away to account all installations whose accident could alarmingly affect US civic security.
The account includes pipelines, advice and carriage hubs.
Several UK sites are listed, including cable locations, digital sites and BAE Systems plants.
BBC adept contributor Jonathan Marcus says this is apparently the a lot of arguable certificate yet from the Wikileaks organisation.
The analogue of US civic aegis appear by the cable is ample and all embracing, he says.
There are accessible pieces of cardinal basement like communications hubs, gas pipelines and so on. However, added accessories on the account include:
* Cobalt abundance in Congo
* Anti-snake acidity branch in Australia
* Insulin bulb in Denmark


Wikileaks: Julian Assange v Sweden's ample animal laws

Julian Assange, the architect of Wikileaks, is angry adjoin displacement from Britain to Sweden area he faces allegations of abduction and coercing women into accepting sex - accusations which his defenders say are allotment of a cabal to blackout him. Stephen Evans letters from Stockholm on how Swedish law may prove difficult for the Wikileaks founder.

Everybody you allocution to in Sweden complex in the Julian Assange activity asserts - generally with some affliction - that: "There Is No Conspiracy."

The Swedish authorities are not acting at the bidding of the CIA or the American admiral in Stockholm if they accomplish activity difficult for the architect of Wikileaks.

Tough laws

The advocate for the two women who accept accused Mr Assange of coercing them sexually told the BBC it was not allotment of some wider, all-around plot.

"Absolutely not," said Claes Borgstrom. "I represent two women who accept accomplished something that abounding bags of women both in Sweden and in added countries accept experienced."

Sweden has one of the toughest laws on animal abomination in the apple - attorneys sometimes antic that men charge accounting permission first.

As Mr Borgstrom put it: "It is not all-important to accept a lot of violence. That is what humans usually think, but in convenance if you force anyone to accept sex with you adjoin their accord you don't accept to use abundant abandon at all. Or you can yield advantage of a difficult bearings for the woman in question."

He says Mr Assange knows that this case is artlessly a amount of what happened with the two women rather than a bigger conspiracy.

"I'm actual abundant analytical of Julian Assange himself because he knows that that is not the case. He should say it has annihilation to do with his assurance with Wikileaks," said Mr Borgstrom.


Pro-Wikileaks activists carelessness Amazon cyber attack

Coldblood', a affiliate of the accumulation Anonymous, tells Jane Wakefield why he angle its attacks on Visa and Mastercard as defence of Wikileaks.
Continue annual the capital story
Pro-Wikileak activists accept alone affairs to accompany down the website of online banker Amazon, and switched aback to targeting PayPal.
The accumulation Anonymous had apprenticed to advance the website at 1600 GMT, but accept back afflicted their plans, adage they did not accept the "forces".
The website was targeted because it withdrew casework from whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.
In the Netherlands a jailbait has been arrested over the attacks.
The 16-year-old was arrested by a high-tech abomination assemblage in The Hague afterwards allegedly acceptance to captivation in the targeting of the websites of two acclaim agenda companies, MasterCard and Visa.
A apparatus enabling computers to accompany the co-ordinated attacks adjoin websites perceived to be "anti-Wikileaks" is now appear to accept been downloaded added than 31,000 times.
However, aegis experts warned humans to abstain abutting the autonomous botnet.
A Twitter bulletin issued by the accumulation said Amazon was too big to advance auspiciously for now.
"We cannot advance Amazon, currently. The antecedent agenda was to do so, but we don't accept abundant forces," apprehend one bulletin on Twitter.
The activists instead instructed followers to advance PayPal, which has abeyant the WikiLeaks account, which the organisation had acclimated to aggregate donations.
A PayPal agent told Reuters account bureau the aggregation had detected an advance on the site.


Going underground at the Wikileaks assumption centre

Inside the former nuclear bunker where Wikileaks keeps its servers
To enter the old nuclear bunker in Stockholm where the Wikileaks secrets are stored is like passing into another surreal world, half way between planet Earth and cyberspace.
The entrance on the street is non-descript. It is just a door in a face of rock. Steam billows from pipes alongside into the bitterly cold Swedish air.
If you press the bell and get invited in, glass doors open and you walk into a James Bond world of soft lighting. There is the high security of doors which only open when the door behind you has closed, and which need special passes for every few steps of the journey into the inner cavern.
But there is also falling water in fountains and pot plants, because people work here, watching monitors from a control room. One of the carpets has the surface of the moon on it to give an added surreal effect.
And then there are the computer servers in a cave, with bare rock walls underneath the wooden houses of Stockholm. In the inner cavern are rows and rows of computer storage cases.
And on one of them are the files of Wikileaks, only a fraction of which have so far been made public to the immense embarrassment of politicians who once said something indiscreet to an American diplomat, never dreaming the words would bite back in public.
The bunker's control room A James Bond world of soft lighting
The data centre is owned by a company called Bahnhof, and its founder, Jon Karlung, gave the BBC a tour. Mr Karlung took over the remnant from the Cold War in 2007 and had to dynamite out a further 4,000 cubic metres of rock to make it big enough.
It is ultra-secure and needs submarine turbines - just inside the entrance - to generate enough power to maintain a moderate temperature even in the vicious Swedish winter.


Anonymous Wikileaks supporters explain web attacks

A accumulation of pro-Wikileaks activists who accommodating a alternation of web attacks accept explained their actions.
The Anonymous accumulation said they were not hackers but "average internet citizens" who acquainted motivated to act because of perceived injustices adjoin Wikileaks.
The accumulation said it had no absorption in burglary acclaim agenda data or advancing analytical infrastructure.
The data were acquaint online by one of the abounding factions claiming to backpack out the attacks.
"Anonymous is not a group, but rather an internet gathering," it said in a account appear on 10 December.
It said the advancing attacks were a "symbolic action" targeted at accumulated website that had aloof casework from Wikileaks.
"We do not wish to abduct your claimed advice or acclaim agenda numbers. We aswell do not seek to advance analytical basement of companies such as Mastercard, Visa, PayPal or Amazon," it read.
The account comes as added abstracts accept appear to ablaze suggesting the accumulation may be alteration its tactics.


Wikileaks: Pope's about-face action damaged relations

The Pope's allurement to Anglicans to catechumen to Roman Catholicism pushed relations amid the churches to their everyman point in 150 years, Britain's agent to the Vatican warned.
Francis Campbell aswell feared a backfire adjoin UK Catholics afterwards the action to those against to women bishops.
His fears are abundant in the latest US admiral cables appear by Wikileaks.
The comments were fabricated afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams met Vatican admiral endure year.
A cable from US agent Miguel Diaz, appear in the Guardian newspaper, said Mr Campbell believed Pope Benedict XVI had put the Archbishop in an "impossible position" with his about-face invitation.
It said: "The Vatican accommodation seems to accept been aimed primarily at Anglicans in the US and Australia, with little anticipation accustomed to how it would affect the centre of Anglicanism, England, or the Archbishop of Canterbury.
"Benedict XVI, Campbell said, had put Williams in an absurd situation. If Williams reacted added forcefully, he would abort decades of plan on all-comprehensive dialogue; by not reacting added harshly, he has absent abutment a part of affronted Anglicans."
The cable appear that Mr Campbell acquainted "Anglican-Vatican relations were adverse their affliction crisis in 150 years as a aftereffect of the Pope's decision" and it had confused the ambition of the Catholic-Anglican all-comprehensive chat "from accurate accord to simple co-operation".


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