Ready fails to match up to Dabangg

Even before its release, Ready was expected to take a big opening. It netted Rs 13.15 crore across India on Day One. Trade experts attribute it to Salman Khan. “Wanted, followed by Dabangg, has helped Ready open to full houses,” says  trade analyst, Amod Mehra , who’s expecting the film to make over Rs 40 crore in the first three days.

Manoj Desai, executive director of Maratha Mandir and G-7 Cineplex, adds that it has broken the jinx of big films failing to take off. “Ready will ensure full houses at my theatres till Monday,” he exults but declines to comment on why it did not match up to Dabangg that netted Rs 14.50 crore on the opening day.

Mehra attributes this to the lack of content: “The story is typically South Indian cinema. And it’s hard for audiences in the Hindi belt to accept cousins getting married. For us such a union is incestuous.”

A veteran distributor, on condition of anonymity asserts that Ready will, at the most, net as much s Golmaal 3 (Rs 117 crore). “It’s opened big like Welcome (2009) and Singh Is Kinng (2008), but it’s not as good asDabangg,” he rues. 

The vacation period has helped the film take a start, along with the lack of family entertainers in recent times.
Observes Sunil Punjabi, CEO, Cinemax, “With schools and colleges to re-open in a week, people are flocking to theatres. The weekend should see 100% occupancy but audience response is mixed. The first half is fantastic but the second half is slow and disappointing. Tuesday will be the acid test.”


'Shah Rukh nurtures young talent'

She is 28, has written a book, is a London School of Economics (LSE) alumnus and has penned the screenplay and dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan's RA.One, touted to be Bollywood's costliest film. Kanika Dhillon, the creative content head of Shah Rukh's Red Chillies Entertainment, says the star is among the few producers in Bollywood who nurture young talent.
"When I came to work in Mumbai, I knew I wanted to work with Shah Rukh Khan. Look at what he's done, where he's come from...and what he is today. His success story is a fable!," Dhillon, originally from Amritsar, told.
"He is among the few people who nurture young talent in the industry, without looking at the background, the experience, age and other such things. He is one of those few who is so clued in with what the younger generation likes and dislikes...and that's what makes him what he is!" she added.
'Shah Rukh nurtures young talent'
Dhillon is ready to launch her first novel "Bombay Duck Is A Fish" on Monday. The book traces the journey of small-town girl Neki Brar, who like countless other starstruck people, leaves her cushy corporate job and comes to Mumbai to make it big as a Bollywood filmmaker.
And like many, Neki too is enamoured of King Khan. Neki's story is quite similar to Dhillon's.
A well-read girl, who graduated from Delhi University's St.Stephen's College, she went on to study at LSE with a major in media and communication for the sake of her parents, for whom her filmmaking ambitions were an "embarrassment".
But Dhillon, who started her Bollywood stint as an assistant director of Farah Khan'sOm Shanti Om, clarifies that her book is only 30 percent of her own life.
"My book doesn't capture how Bollywood works. It captures the human emotions behind wanting to meet your own destiny. It is a human story about passion, love, faith, betrayal, success and all those emotions that one comes across in the path of achieving their dreams," she said.
With Shah Rukh portrayed as a phenomenon in her book, it was only appropriate that she wanted the superstar to unveil the book. And Dhillon is more than glad that he agreed without hesitation.
"I have been working with Shah Rukh for five years. But the feeling was fantastic when he said yes to launching my book. It was a big news for me. For two days, I couldn't believe he would launch my book, but he has been very encouraging on every platform," said Dhillon.
"If people feel that reading my book turns out to be a good visual experience, I would love to turn it into a screenplay. But it depends on how well it is received," she added.
Film direction is also on Dhillon's mind - who feels it is a "natural progression" for anyone passionate about filmmaking.
For now, however, she is looking forward to the launch of her book and the release ofRa.One, in which she has given some heartwarming dialogues like "Some superheroes wear a mask, this one wears a heart".
Dhillon has also started to write her next book "Kalma" - a true story of a Muslim girl.


Aamir Khan celebrates the success of ‘DK Bose’ with a bash

DK Bose has become an anthem, and even though Aamir Khan is coming under some flak for it, he organized a bash to celebrate the success of ‘Bhaag DK Bose’ fromDelhi Belly.

Aamir Khan was himself missing from the party, but wife Kiran Rao, dressed in an eye-catching blue dress, spoke about how happy they were that the people have liked the song and how quickly it has become an anthem.

DK Bose quick facts

The lyrics for the song have been penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya, though it was film writer Akshat Verma who coined the key phrase 'DK Bose'. If you are one of the very few who have not caught on yet! The lyrics 'DK Bose, DK Bose, DK Bose,' juxtaposed together and sung to fast instruments, is a popular expletive.

The grunge rock song has been composed and sung by Ram Sampat, and with the lyrics of Bhag DK Bose directed towards the youth, it's no wonder that the song instantly connected.

The DK Bose Success Bash

Aamir, Kiran, Imran, were not expecting the song to become such a rage as quickly as it has, and Aamir Khan thought of the idea of throwing a success bash for the song, to celebrate along with the cast and crew of Delhi Belly.

This marks the first time in Bollywood, someone has thrown a party to celebrate the success of a single song, that too before the release of the film.

The party saw the presence of the film’s leading actors, Imran KhanVir Dasand Kunal Roy Kapoor, co-producer Ronnie Screwvala and director Abhinay Deo also joined the celebrations.

Composer Ram Sampath entertained everyone by playing the unplugged versions of the film’s songs along with this band. The highlight was the band performing ‘DK Bose’ with the films actors Imran, Vir and Kunal providing the backing vocals. 


John, Bips' weird connection

Actors John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have helped life come full circle...
John Abraham and Bipasha Basu may have called it quits. Their nine-year love story came to an end, and what they are undergoing right now is an aftermath. All and sundry are trying hard to find the reason of their split, and while a few close friends says that the couple gradually grew apart, only a few know the real reason.
Funnily, as talks have it, Bipasha Basu has been pouring her heart our to Ranbir Kapoor - her Bachna Ae Haseeno co-star - after her split, while John Abraham, has found a reliable friend in Deepika Padukone, who is co-starring with him in Desi Boyz.


Salman counters SRK; Aamir is no.One, says Sallu

The rivalry between Salman and Shahrukh Khan is known to one and all but it seems that one Khan is getting all the attention and appreciation. Yes, Mr. Perfectionist has been termed as the number One actor of Bollywood by none other than the Dabangg Khan.
Salman Khan who is still riding high with the success of ‘Dabangg’ claims Aamir to be the real superstar and said, “Aamir is the number one hero of Bollywood and I like him for the kind of work he has done. He is also a great guy.”
During the launch of theatrical promo of ‘Ra.One’ Shahrukh Khan said, “G stands for Gauri and one stands for my position in the industry (he chuckled).”
So, it seems that Salman is all set to counter SRK’s self proclaimed position and make Mr. Perfectionist rule the Bollywood chart and trying to convey to King Khan that ‘Picture Abhi Baki Hai!?


Akshay dubs for Transformers free of cost

akshay kumar.jpgAkshay Kumar reveals that his association with the Hollywood film 'Transformers' is not a business deal but more of sentimental value to make son Aarav happy, who is a big fan of the franchise. 

While it's known that Akshay Kumar will be dubbing for the Hindi version of the popular Hollywood franchise Transformers, what many might not know is that the actor is not charging a penny for his association with the film. "I am doing it absolutely free of cost", confirms Akshay. "My association with Transformers is not a business deal but more of sentimental value to make my son Aarav happy, who is a big fan the franchise". 

It was not a planned strategy but a chance encounter that won Akshay Kumar the film. In a casual conversation during the shoot of Khatron Ke Khiladi (which is produced by Viacom), Akshay got to know that the same company was marketing and distributing Transformers in India with Paramount Pictures. Purely for Aarav's love, when Akshay expressed his desire to associate with the Hollywood flick, Viacom came with the idea of using the superstar's voice for the Hindi dubbed version of the film. "But it was not merely Viacom who approved of my voiceover", reveals Akshay. "My audio sample was sent to the director of Transformers, Michael Bay and when he consented, I came on board as the voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers – Dark of the Moon". 

"They did some tweaking to my original voice and added a metallic surface to it to get the robotic effect", says Akshay. With the Hindi dubbed version, Akki believes that the English film would get a wider audience. "There are many people in India who still do not understand English completely. So it is always good to have a Hindi dubbed version". 

Transformers fans have another reason to rejoice. Dark of the Moon will release in India (on June 29) before it releases overseas.


Sun TV stock crash: Changing cable policy & 2G charges on Dayanidhi Maran don't bode well for Kalanithi's company


Earlier this week, newly anointed chief minister J Jayalalithaa announced a long-expected move: the nationalisation of the cable distribution business in Tamil Nadu, currently dominated by Sumangali Cable - a sister business of Sun TV. 

Sun Network itself had known all along that it faced a risk owing to the political allegiance of its founder and CMD Kalanithi Maran . Its pre-listing document, filed five years ago with the Securities Exchange Board of India, had elaborated on this. "Although the company is non-partisan," it said right under the heading "Risks", "there is no assurance that it will not be perceived as having a political allegiance, and there is no assurance that such perception will not have adverse effects on our business." 

The Chennai-based media group has often been criticised for its connections with the DMK party, which has ruled Tamil Nadu for 10 of the 18 years Sun TV has been in the existence. The DMK shared power at the Centre for five of the remaining eight years. Kalanithi, the grand-nephew of DMK chief M Karunanidhi, has always maintained that his business has flourished even when DMK was in the Opposition. 

And the group has always managed to wriggle out of uncomfortable political fallouts, including a tussle with Karunanidhi and family in 2007. That pre-listing statement on the political risk, therefore, has just looked a mere technical formality. Until June 2. 

On that day, well over a quarter of Sun's value in the market was eroded, its single-biggest fall, amid news that Kalanithi's brother and former telecom minister Dayanidhi Maran was under the CBI scanner for a deal that involved their family's direct-to-home business. Additionally, there were media reports that Sun had misused hundreds of telephone lines whose tab BSNL had picked up. Sun has hence denied these allegations. 

Just a day after, Jayalalithaa announced the nationalisation of the cable distribution business. This will be the third attempt at nationalising the business. 

Political commentator Gnani Sankaran reckons it is a challenge that Sun has never faced all these years. "They have managed to resist everything till now," he says. "This is the first time the group is being exposed. Evidence is now coming that they grew using DMK's closeness to power." 

In Tamil Nadu, where the penetration of both the TV and cable access is the highest in the country, the link between media and politics has been historically strong. "In Tamil Nadu, there has been an umbilical cord between politics and media, particularly cinema, till 1990. After that, its been the cable TV," says C Lakshmanan, assistant professor at Madras Institute of Development Studies. 

Even now, every party worth its name runs a channel. But where Sun stands apart, something which even its worst critics grudgingly accept, is its commercial success. 

Though, Sun is not known for its novelty in programming, it has built considerable expertise in soaps and movies. It is said to hold rights for about two-thirds of Tamil movies made till date. Gradually, it managed to launch a slew of channels not just in Tamil, but also in other South Indian languages. 

But one controversial part of its success is the support it gets from Sumangali Cable in its bread-and-butter Tamil Nadu market. Sumangali is not part of the listed Sun TV entity, which takes care of the cable distribution business. 
One instance of how Kalanithi values distribution is how Sun TV shelved a plan to launch a channel in Bengali when it failed to win a bid for RPG's distribution business in 2005. Kalanithi has not only managed to grow his television business, but also enhance a significant scale in FM Radio and direct-to-home businesses. 

When Kalaignar TV, formed by the DMK after its fallout with the Maran brothers, started competing for movie rights, Sun started its own movie production division and made a success of it. 

Overall, it managed to fend off competition from Kalaignar TV, which largely mimicked Sun TV's programming formula. Recent TAM data shows Sun TV's viewership share at a whopping 72%. Kalaignar comes a distant second with a less than 10% share. 

All through the growth, Kalanithi was seen as a businessman who played to his strengths, studiously avoiding the media market north of the Vindhyas. He was also seen as someone who walked the thin line between politics and business. Critics wonder if that has changed now. So despite the strength in business, that seems to continue till date, there is a nervousness surrounding the company. 

"When it comes to TN, businesses are most closely linked to politics than in any other state. For a stock like Sun TV, political risk definitely comes into play and they sometime even overwhelm the fundamentals," says Jagannadham Thunuguntla, equity head, SMC Capital. 

Investment adviser SP Tulsian agrees. He says in Sun TV's case, institutions play an important part because public holding is very low. "If one institution is selling, it would be another institution which would be buying. But currently, institutions are not ready to take position in the stock due to the changing political scenario." 

Less than a week before the Sun stock tumbled, analysts were gung-ho about it on account of its robust fourth quarter results and also prospects of greater growth, with the company enjoying highest margin in the industry. Now it is apparent it is not just about business for Sun TV.


Ra.One Might Have Some Parts In 3D, Says SRK

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is highly ambitious about his superhero flick Ra.Onedirected by Anubhav Sinha, said he might have certain stunts in 3D to woo his younger audience but would certainly not compromise on the acting part.

"Some part of the film we are trying to do in 3D and Primefocus is doing that for us. They have a technology with which after you have shot the film, it could be converted into 3D," Shah Rukh told reporters at the theatrical release of the the first trailer at IMAX Wadala on Tuesday (May 31).

"But there are reservations on it because you know that we have to shoot that with different cameras.....t he same trailer, actually in a matter of fact, we are going to check out in few days and if it comes out well, then parts of the film I would like to do in 3D as it would attract the younger audience."

"It should look as good as acting, for sure. I think 3D has to be shot in a different way but it is post 3D. If the whole team approves the test we would go for it," he said.

Though the film would have a Diwali release, Shah Rukh decided to start promote the film much ahead of time to make his audience have some impression of his new superhero in their psyche and know him before they go to watch the film.

"I have started promoting the film from January, almost five months ago. The first ad came out on Jan 3. We know superheroes through comics or stories or if we take from mythology then we knew who was Karna, who was Abhimanyu? In our country we don't have any such character, which we could chose for our film."

"I wanted to introduce the character G.One so that by the time you go to watch the film, you kind of know the power, and you have seen a part of it jumping around, flying and feel that you know the superhero. That's the whole intention."

"What I thought was if I could introduce that G.One is made of electricity, made of pixels, he can fly, he can see through things half the jobs done as now you know the character," said Shah Rukh.

The half a minute long teaser shows how G.One (Shah Rukh) with his supernatural stunts like flying over the train frightens the living daylights out of small children or throwing off cars to save Kareena Kapoor makes her stop dead gawking.

Why the title character was not in the promo?

"You won't get to see Ra.One until the film releases. We would reveal the character of Ra.One slowly," said Shah Rukh.

. Talking about the characters briefly, Shah Rukh divulged: "G.One is the life giver, who saves life. He is the hero ... what I am playing the film. Ra.One is actually Random Access Version One but it also stands for Raavan.

"Mythologically, a majority consider him as a bad person made of the world's 10 most evil brains. That's what the ten heads of Raavan's head represent and here it's like the connotation of 10 evil happenings of the world that sums of to make a character Ra.One," said Shah Rukh.

His friends and betters suggested him to change the name into G.One, but he used his logic to retain the name Ra.One, said Shah Rukh.

"Many of my friends, Karan (Johar), Adi (Aditya Chopra) suggested me to change the name to G.One. But whenever I have seen any superhero or larger than life film, including in our Sholay or Mr. India, we very much talked about Gabbar Singh or Mogambo or Shakal."

"So I thought if I keep it Ra.One it would be bit different. People might be confused and take me as Ra.One but it is not so. Evil doesn't have any face, that's also logic behind keeping this name," said Shah Rukh.


Video - Singham Trailer, watch Ajay Devgan smash it up!

Go on a rollercoaster ride with Ajay Devgan in the Singham trailer.
Muscleman Ajay Devgan is back to action in Singham. Watch Ajay smash up baddies in the Singham trailer. The movie will release on July 22nd and south actress Kajal Aggarwal is the heroine.

Directed by Rohit Shetty, Singham is the remake of a Tamil blockbuster with the same title, and is the story of a brave cop in a small town. Ajay plays Marathi cop Bajirao Singham and Kajal Aggarwal his love interest. The movie has the right mix of fun and emotions along with some jaw-dropping action scenes performed by Ajay.

Ajay went through extensive weight training, under fitness expert Prashant Sawant, to get a beefed-up look. The 42-year-old actor will show his six packs in the film which were not at all easy to get. The actor has pumped iron to get those rippling muscles that his character requires in the film.

Rohit who is known for going over-the-top to shoot his action sequences has made no compromises, and promises high-octane action throughout. Talking about the opening sequence in the film, "The scene is set in a parking lot where a kidnapping takes place. It is a chase scene between Ajay and some gangsters for which we will require to blow up cars. In the shot, there will be about 200 cars, out of which we will blow up 20 cars," says Rohit.

Watch the Singham trailer below. Enjoy it!

The first trailer of Singham takes you on a rollercoaster ride. Ajay Devgan is back and this time he is not doing comedy but has a serious business to finish. He will throw fists at the baddies, and will fight injustice.

Director Rohit Shetty announced Singham, right after he was done with Golmaal 3. He chose to one again work with close friend Ajay Devgan. Rohit has of late become known for comedies, but not many may remember that his debut film was an action thriller.

Singham marks Rohit's return to action after 8 years. The move has been shot in Goa, in a record time and is ready for release.

The movie is produced by Reliance Entertainment and will hit theatres on July 22.


Priyanka, Shahid on Kunal's mind

Kunal Kohli

Even when our filmi types are chilling out over a cup of coffee, they have work on their minds. 

We spotted Kunal Kohli and choreographer Ahmed Khan sipping coffee at a joint in South Mumbai. Kunal sported a T-shirt and jeans, while Ahmed was seen in white three-fourths and sport shoes. And though this seemed like a casual meeting, the two were overheard discussing a song that has to be shot for Kunal's forthcoming film starringShahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Workaholics?


Hypnotist David Days 'knocked out' during Dorset show

Three people were left hypnotised on stage when a hypnotist allegedly knocked himself out during a show.
David Days was performing at Portland's Royal Manor Theatre on Friday when he tripped over a participant's leg.
His manager said he was "out for a little while" before he recovered and "woke up" his volunteers.
Mr Days later declined to comment on claims by the Dorset theatre that the episode was "a joke" but admitted what was being reported was not the full story.
His manager Tara Nix originally told the BBC on Saturday it was an embarrassing fall.
But Mr Days said on Sunday he has decided to sell the "real and complete story" to a national newspaper.
On Friday night, the hypnotist wrote on his Facebook page: "I would just like to let my fans know that I am completely fine.
"A little bruised, but that's all. Thanks for your support tonight, it was a great show with some great volunteers."
'Loads of commotion'
However, Alan Coman, treasurer of the Royal Manor Theatre, raised doubts about the incident.
"It was part of a project for students who were filming the whole thing... but they (the people on stage being hypnotised) weren't pretending because they didn't get up to help.
"The audience didn't know (that it was part of the act) but it was purely to test hypnotism," he said.
Ms Nix, insisted on Saturday that the fall was not part of the show.
She said: "He was out for a little while and that is why we asked the audience to leave.

Start Quote

At first the audience, including us, found it very funny and thought it was part of the act”
Audience member Fiona Faye
"Three people were left on stage but we always have a back-up tape and a back-up hypnotist to step in if needed.
"Luckily, it wasn't too long until he recovered and he and the guests are fine.
"To be honest I think this is the first time it has ever happened to a hypnotist."
Audience member Fiona Faye said: "He was pulled from stage and there was loads of commotion from a number of people backstage including one man who ran to the other side of the stage to get a first aid kit.
"At first the audience, including us, found it very funny and thought it was part of the act, but as time went on we began to realise that it was not part of the show and he had actually hurt himself.
"At this point we become very worried not only for David Days but also the guests that were onstage oblivious to anything as they were still hypnotised.
"They simply just sat there 'asleep'."


Russell Crowe fulfils promise to teach

Russell Crowe arriving at the Bon Jovi 'Celebrity Only' concert in the Lyric Theatre
Russell Crowe has fulfilled a longstanding promise to teach an acting class to students at Durham University.

Crowe made the promise around five years ago to his friend, author Bill Bryson, at a dinner party with mutual friends.

"It was quite a few years ago now," Crowe explained to The Journal. "Bill had just been appointed Chancellor of Durham University and I told him I would pay a visit.

"At the time I thought he would remain Chancellor until he was 105, but quite recently I read somewhere that he was leaving the position. I thought I had better get back in touch to keep my promise."

Crowe said he tried to teach the students to seek out projects they would enjoy, rather than to pursue fame and money.

"It's not about dollars or fame or success it's about pursuing the things that you love," he added.

Bryson said he was thrilled that Crowe had fulfilled his promise, and praised the actor for doing so well at passing on his experience to the students.

"He has found space in his life to do this, and not just to do it but to do it so well," Bryson told BBC News after the workshop. "It was an absolute inspiration to the students.

"He's given then 100% of his attention and all his energy. It was just fantastic."

Crowe recently wrapped up filming on the martial arts film The Man with the Iron Fist, but said that he plans to stay in Australia working on his own projects for the next year.


Gwyneth Paltrow drops out of Matthew Morrison tour

Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly dropped out of Matthew Morrison’s tour because she is worried about how it will affect her image.
image: Gwyneth Paltrow Gwyneth Paltrow
The actress - who has two kids with husband Chris Martin - was reportedly set to give the opening performance at several of the Glee star’s dates in America, but has backed out at the last minute.
A source told the Mail on Sunday: "Gwyneth thought it would be bad for her image to go off on a US tour. She pulled out and Matthew has cancelled a number of his gigs. But he is still planning to come to London in June and they have plans to go out to dinner. She's not ruling out performing with him in the future."
But Paltrow's spokesperson has claimed: "There are no plans for her to tour with Matthew. There were requests for her to perform at a few events but nothing was ever confirmed."


William, Kate and family enjoyed a day out, but where was Pippa . . .

Catherine, Harry and Wills
Prince Harry, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge wait for the start of the Epsom Derby.Getty Images
royal family2
Catherine, William and Harry turn heads at the Epsom Derby.  Getty Images
1 of 2
THE royal family has enjoyed its first family get-together since Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding with a day at the races.
The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined the Queen and Prince Philip, with Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie in the Royal Box at the Epsom Derby.
Click for more pictures of Kate and Pippa

The royals gathered to cheer on Carlton House, the Queen's colt and 5-2 favourite, which came third after losing a shoe.
It was disappointing for the Queen, who had hoped to score her first Derby win.
"It's a prize she always wanted and at the end she looked deflated, but philosophical," an onlooker said.

The choice of dress designer was a nod to the couple's upcoming tour of California this month, fashion observers said.Catherine was a fashion on the field standout, wearing wedding white by American designer Ralph Lauren, with a bronze hat and beige shoes by Reiss.
Pippa Middleton, who shot to fame after her turn as maid of honour, did not attend as she was competing in a triathlon, but reportedly had a secret catch-up with Prince Harry last week at famous London pub The Troubadour.


Sweaty Pippa Middleton sets pulses racing during triathlon event

Ms Middleton gets ready to cross the finish line during the GE Blenheim Triathlon. Picture: Getty Images
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Pippa Middleton
Pippa Middleton pushes her way to the finishing line during 5km Blenheim triathlon event. Pictures: Getty Images
  • Pippa Middelton sets pulses racing in race
  • Finished event in 25 mins, 30 seconds
  • Sister Kate attends first Royal family event
A SWEATY Pippa Middleton put her famous derriere to work, using it to bump out a competitor at a triathlon.
The sister of the newly-wed Duchess of Cornwall collided with a young, sweaty man before crossing the finish line during the 5km GE Blenheim Triathlon in Woodstock, England, at the weekend.
Ms Middleton, nicknamed her royal hotness by the British press, certainly set pulses racing during the event, as she ran up a sweat dressed in a pink and grey singlet, matching shorts, and Bulgari sunglasses.
The 27-year-old  breezed through her race, completing it in a time of 25 minutes and 30 seconds proving she hasn't lost her athletic talent which saw her win a scholarship to the prestigious Malborough College.

Meanwhile, Princess Kate was dressed in more regal attire as she joined her new family - the first get-together since her marriage to Prince William - in the Royal Box at Epsom's Derby Day yesterday.

The royals gathered to cheer on Carlton House, the Queen's colt and 5/2 favourite, which came third after losing a shoe. Prince William and Kate were spotted consoling the royal matriarch.Dressed in wedding white by American designer Ralph Lauren with a bronze hat and beige shoes by Reiss, the 29-year-old was a fashion on the field standout.


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