Keeping up with the Kardashians’ new line of clothing, accessories

It’s getting more difficult to keep up with what the Kardashian sisters are doing in the fashion industry.

This week, the sisters announced plans to launch a new clothing, home and accessories line. Kourtney, Khloe and Kim will join with designer Bruno Schiavi and his Australia-based apparel company, Jupi Corp., for their collection of ready-to-wear, bags and belts, and lingerie.

“We are excited to work with Bruno Schiavi in developing our first brand together,” stated the Kardashian sisters in a release. “His expert design sensibilities and amazing creativity, and his genuine understanding of female consumers everywhere make him the ideal partner.”

Look for the first collection to land in stores in 2011, with luggage, shoes and children’s fashion to follow later.

The Kardashian sisters already have a fashion line with Bebe and a swimwear collection with
Beach Bunny.


Paula Abdul in american idol

Lots of speculations are going around concerning the identity of the new American Idol judges. With Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi out, three slots remain to be filled and the Fox folks haven’t confirmed on any of those slots yet.

But whoever fill those positions, Paula Abdul is not going to be one of them. Buzzes were around that Paula, who already served a stint as an Idol judge would have been an ideal substitute for Ellen. But now as it appears, Abdul, according to her deal with CBS’ Got to Dance, cannot appear at any competitive show on any network, broadcast or cable.

“If Paula did Idol she would get sued big-time by Viacom,” a source for E! News dished. “She’s locked in exclusively with CBS.”

The deal with Paula is for “about five years.” So, as the source puts, “Paula has a better chance at winning American Idol than she does at returning as a judge.”
Meanwhile, there is high chance of Jessica Simpson filling one of those slots. Per reports, Jessica has met the Idol producers more than once in last two weeks and talks are reported to be heading to a finalisation.

Elton John and Justin Timberlake, among others, are also said to be in the contention.


Miley Cyrus: all about “Who Owns My Heart

Miley Cyrus is headed for Detroit, Michigan this weekend. Reportedly Miley will shoot visuals for another single from her album Can’t Be Tamed. After the title track, this time it is turn for “Who Owns My Heart” to get turned into a video.

Ken Baker of E! Online informs that Robert Hales, the one directing the title track video, is at the helm this time too and it has also been known that the present video will be up for only a European release.

However, there is no leakage concerning the way the video is going to be shot. No news as to whether there will be a narrative or just random strobing cuts and people would also like to know about Miley’s attire on the video. But they will have to wait.
Meanwhile there is news that Demi Lovato and Miley, once BF, can hardly find time for each other now.

Many are of the opinion though that they have fallen out and now see themselves more as competitors than friends.

In fact the rift started to open when Demi started dating Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers. Evidently Miley couldn’t take it in the right spirit then as she was dating another Jonas brothers, Mick Jonas.


Jennifer Aniston’s tryst with a sperm bank

Jennifer Aniston latest comedy “The Switch” is all set to hit the theatres soon. Aniston plays the role of a single woman who is all set out to look for a sperm donor. In the last Thursday’s edition of the Tonight’s show with Jay Leno, Aniston came forward to promote her latest movie. When Jay asked her whether she had any idea of how a sperm bank worked Aniston seemed to be quite confused at the idea. Aniston was at a loss of words when she replied “You need to get a card at the bank, I really don’t know how it works “

Jay got a bit personal when he questioned Aniston whether she ever thought of visiting a sperm bank to have a child .Aniston simply laughed it off and replied “the question has never been asked to me “ .

Jennifer also spoke about her perfume which is named after her .The actress also admitted that other names were also considered for the perfume such as ‘Clean,’ ‘Air.

The perfume is only available at the Harrods, a departmental store in London .Jennifer also added “other names such as “Lolavie,” were also considered, however I finally zeroed on my name”.
“The Switch,” a comedy also has Jason Batemen in a leading role and is expected to release on August t 20.


Angelina Jolie: Like mother, like children – kids seeking for attention

Angelina Jolie didn’t have a picture perfect childhood, rather a very disturbing one. Even her teenage years were anything that one would like to have. Her wild ways and lifestyles are still famous and she continued to have that till she became a mom of her first adopted son Maddox. The actress have never been shy of talking about the untamed ways she had led before, not her bisexual liaisons

It now seems her children are craving for the attention too. It is very well known at the moment that her little girl Shiloh has an affinity for dressing up like a boy, lopped her hair, wears tie and calls herself John. On the other hand it was reported by Hollywood Life that Angie has bought a manicure kit as a birthday present for her eight year old son Maddox. So is the actress raising her children to be gender confused?

According to a licensed psychotherapist Rebecca Roy who specializes in the entertainment industry, Shiloh is trying to get the attention of her parents. The four year old being closes to her dad Brad tries to identify with him. On the other hand purchase of Maddox’s manicure kit cannot be termed as a Jolie instigating gender confusion.

Rebecca says that she feels Jolie is just allowing her children to express their need and it can just be a passing phase. However, the situation needs to be investigated since two of her kids are in the same situation. Also Angie had been through such turbulent past and it might just influence her kids too and the 35year old actress too had been an attention seeker from her parents.


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