Bull leapers

Bull leapers take to the ring in Valencia, Spain

Modern day Spanish 'Recortadores' continue a bull leaping tradition that goes back to the legendary King Minos from Crete's Minoan civilisation


Heiress Casey Johnson

The latest news of Heiress Casey Johnson is found dead in Los Angeles

The socialite heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune has been found dead at home in Los Angeles.
Casey Johnson, 30, whose father owns the New York Jets American football team, had a history of alcohol and drug abuse.

Detectives, who discovered her body at her West Hollywood home on Monday morning, said there was no evidence of foul play but are awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

Officials were unable to provide a time of death and there was speculation yesterday that she may have been dead for days.

Miss Johnson, whose hard-partying ways had led to estrangement from her family, was reportedly "engaged" to Tila Tequila, a bisexual star of a US reality television show.

After the body was found, Tequila – who told a celebrity newsite she had a row with Miss Johnson last week – said her girlfriend's phone had been shut down since December 29.

At a Hollywood showbusiness party a few weeks ago, a witness told Fox News that Tequila spent the night holding up her Miss Johnson, who could "hardly stand straight".

A police spokesman said: "We do have an investigation that's in progress. The term 'apparent natural [causes]' has been used but we're still trying to get more information."


Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy: British husband has 'world destroyed' by actress's death

The British husband of Brittany Murphy, the Hollywood actress, has said that his "world was destroyed" by her sudden death at 32.

Simon Monjack said that his wife of two years had been suffering from laryngitis and was "tired" after working on two films, but there was nothing to indicate that she was seriously ill.

Monjack said Sunday began as "a regular day". Then Murphy's mother, Sharon, walked into the bathroom of the couple's Hollywood home and discovered the actress lying unconscious on the floor.

"Sharon went into the bathroom because [Murphy] had been in there a long time. Her mom screamed for me and I ran then called 911," he said. "My world was destroyed yesterday."

In his first interview since Murphy's death, Monjack denied that his wife was linked to people who were "bad influences" on her life. "I don't know why anyone would think that. She found love. We found love. Brittany didn't get to where Brittany was with anyone controlling her."

Monjack is expected be questioned by the authorities as they attempt to establish a cause of death. There is no evidence of foul play and the LA County Assistant Chief Coroner, Ed Winter, said the death "appears to be natural".

An autopsy has been concluded and the coroners are awaiting the results of toxicology tests, which could take several weeks.

The investigation is expected to focus on whether there were any prescription drugs in Murphy's system. According to the website TMZ.com, several kinds of prescription medications were found in her home.
On the flight back from the film set in Puerto Rico, Monjack was taken ill and was rushed to hospital when the plane landed in LA. Reports claimed Monjack had stopped breathing, but Murphy later played down the incident and said he had suffered an asthma attack.


Las Vegas Casino

Lady GaGa Offered Residency In Las Vegas Casino

Lady GaGa has been rising in popularity, and catching the eyes of many people who are fans around the world. One fan happened to be a big name in the casino industry, and has made GaGa an offer that she may not be able to refuse.

Celebrity status has its perks, but Lady GaGa may soon become a resident in a Las Vegas Casino due to her stardom. George Maloof, owner of Palms Casino Resort, had been so impressed, "blown away," in fact, by Lady GaGa's performance last month at the Palms, that he decided to offer her a multi-million dollar deal to for her to become a resident act at the Palms in Vegas.
"She's dedicated to being the top artist in the world," said Maloof about Gaga.
Whether or not GaGa will accept has yet to be determined. Many other female vocalists, including Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, have also taken up residency at Las Vegas locations. This could push GaGa's already powerful career over the edge, all because she decided to play through a casino.
On the other side of the fence, Las Vegas has had tough times, and Lady GaGa could be precisely what casinos need in order to hook players back into the walls. While some.


Rihanna and Matt Kemp

Rihanna dating LA Dodger Matt Kemp

Rihanna has a new man in her life, LA Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp. The two have been spotted together since December, and were reportedly seen making out hot and heavy in Dubai on New Year's Eve.

The young singer, who released a new album in November and recently made a remarkable appearance on Saturday Night Live, was last linked to Chris Brown, who pleaded guilty to physically abusing her after photos of her bruised face appeared on the Internet. Rihanna appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show and revealed that Brown abused her throughout most of their relationship.

Kemp is a rising star in Major League Baseball, coming off recent wins of the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards. His offensive credentials include career highs with 26 homers, 101 RBIs, 97 runs scored 52 walks in 159 games. He was third in the league with 34 steals and became the first Dodger in franchise history with at least 25 homers, 100 RBIs and 30 steals in the same season.

Kemp also slugged three grand slams and homered in four consecutive games. He hit .297 on the season and his .362 average against left-handed pitching ranked sixth in the league. His 10 RBIs in extra innings was the most in the Major Leagues since Juan Gonzalez had 11 in 1991, and the most in the National League since Tim Wallach had 11 for Montreal in 1982. Kemp will soon sign a two-year, seven-figure deal with the Dodgers.

Kemp sounds like a better catch than Brown. Here's wishing the new couple all the best!


This book cover released by Rodale Books showsThe Kind Dietby actress Alicia Silverstone.

Celebrities and doctors launch 21-Day Vegan Kickstart weight-loss program

As the holiday season draws to a close, many people are looking forward to the New Year with thoughts of weight loss on their minds. To help individuals succeed, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has teamed up with actress Alicia Silverstone, basketball superstar John Salley, best-selling author Rory Freedman, and celebrity chef Tal Ronnen to launch the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program.

Based on research by Dr. Neal Barnard, founder and president of PCRM, the free online program will provide all the support and essential information for those wishing to move toward a plant-based diet.

“Losing that spare tire has never been easier,” says PCRM dietitian Susan Levin, M.S., R.D. “People who try a vegan diet typically lose about a pound a week, without limiting calories. Our Kickstart program offers a step-by-step guide to eating habits that will shrink your belt size, lower your cholesterol level, and improve your overall health.”

Those participating in the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart program will have access to vegetarian recipes, cooking tips, an interactive vegan restaurant guide, and a 21-day meal plan. Additionally celebrities will share personal stories about their eating habits and offer advice on food choices and grocery shopping.


2010 cover of ELLE UK

Natalie Portman graces the February 2010 cover of ELLE UK

Hollywood actress and recent vegan convert Natalie Portman graces the February 2010 cover of ELLE UK. With what promises to be Portman’s most revealing interview yet, “the Hollywood enigma invites ELLE into her private world.”

In a teaser, ELLE reveals the Golden Globe winner’s thoughts on dressing for the red carpet. “I’m very against people thinking you have to buy new things every season. But I’m lucky because when I have events to go to, I get to borrow incredibly beautiful dresses that have been made by wonderful artists like Laura and Kate Mulleavy from Rodarte and Alber Elbaz from Lanvin.

"It’s funny, some of my actress friends and I talk about how none of us have the big wedding obsession that other girls our age have, and I think it’s because what girls experience on their wedding day happens a few times a year for us: Any time you go to a premiere, you get your hair and makeup done and everyone is looking at you. So when you’re not working, you want to be comfortable.”

The full interview is available on January 6 in the February issue of ELLE UK.

Natalie Portman, who has been a vegetarian since childhood credits Jonathan Safran Foer's book "Eating Animals" for her recent decision to switch to the vegan diet and lifestyle. Portman writes in an article for The Huffington Post, “The human cost of factory farming -- both the compromised welfare of slaughterhouse workers and, even more, the environmental effects of the mass production of animals -- is staggering.” She continues, “Factory farming of animals will be one of the things we look back on as a relic of a less-evolved age.”


Ellen DeGeneres receives Woman of the Year honor

Ellen DeGeneres receives Woman of the Year honor

PETA named Ellen DeGeneres the 2009 Woman of the Year because of her “exceptional effort to place animal rights issues before a large audience.”

The talk show host posted a tweet of appreciation on her twitter, “I'm honored PETA named me 'Person of The Year'. I thank them for protecting animals every single day. Amazing.”

DeGeneres made the switch to a vegan lifestyle in 2008. “I personally chose to go vegan because I educated myself on factory farming and cruelty to animals, and I suddenly realized that what was on my plate were living things, with feelings,” DeGeneres writes on her website. “And I just couldn’t disconnect myself from it any longer. I read books like ‘Diet for a New America’ and saw documentaries like ‘Earthlings’ and ‘Meet your Meat,’ and it became an easy choice for me.” Since then she has used her show and high profile status to encourage others to try a cruelty-free lifestyle.

On the show’s website DeGeneres provides helpful links for those interested in an animal-free diet such as sources of protein, inspirational videos, recipes, and reasons to go vegan. The comedian frequently features vegan guests on her show including her personal chef Roberto Martin and Dr. Neal Barnard who is launching the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart weight-loss program on January 1.

Along with Ellen DeGeneres being crowned the Woman of the Year, PETA recognized Project Runway’s host Tim Gunn as Man of the Year. "Tim Gunn and Ellen DeGeneres show us that one person really can make a difference in the world by rejecting cruel deeds in favor of compassionate acts," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Their message that animals must be treated kindly and respectfully has reached scores of people, and many of them have changed their buying habits, all because Gunn and DeGeneres spoke up for the voiceless."

The Ellen DeGeneres show is in its seventh season and has won 29 Daytime Emmy Awards since its inception in 2003.


Animal rights

'Animal rights’ will compel Ted Nugent to slaughter more in 2010

Royal Flush Magazine recently interviewed Ted Nugent, who is well known for his passionate defense of hunting and unrestricted gun ownership.

While delving inside the mind of Nugent the magazine was able to discover who the sportsman is “hating most these days.” His answer? Pam Anderson.

“Pam, if you get the d*ck out of your mouth for 2 minutes, you’re telling me I can’t eat venison? You don’t authorize venison,” explained the rocker.

Nugent continued, “Here’s the point, this is what I want somewhere in your little interview. My name is Ted Nugent and because of Pam Anderson and because of Bill Maher and because of Paul McCartney, all the members of PETA, whenever I hear the word animal or rights in the same paragraph, I’m killing an extra hundred of something this year.

“I have unlimited deer tags in Michigan and Texas, and I don’t even need to kill them really, but I’m going to for Bill Maher. I’m not just killing them I’m f*cking slaughtering them and I’m going to gut them and skin them, quarter them and butcher them and feed them to the soup kitchen and homeless shelters of America. Not because I need to, because it will cause Bill Maher to sh*t blood. That’s my goal in life.”

When asked to expand upon his dislike for Bill Maher, Nugent described how he plans to scrape the remains of dead vermin off the soles of his boots and onto Maher’s desk. “I’m stymied to come up with anything funnier than people who think animals have rights. Just stick an arrow through their lungs.”

Nugent continued his rant by elucidating his belief that tofu manufacturing and consumption are more destructive than hunting and meat-eating. “I believe that every bowl of tofu is responsible for the death of billions of things.”

The Royal Flush phone interview concluded with the rocker’s belief that President Barack Obama is a communist who should be jailed, those who don’t see the beauty in hunting are retarded, Rolling Stone Magazine’s publisher Jann Wenner should die, and cartoon animals should be afforded animal rights.


Cherry Red Casino

Santa Strikes Back Still A Hit At Cherry Red Casino

Even though the holidays have come and gone, that does not mean that the Christmas spirit still does not live at online casinos. Santa Strikes Back has remained one of the most popular slot games at Cherry Red Casino.

The slot takes a twisted look into the holidays. Angry Santa's are the theme of this game, and one of the symbols even has Santa swinging around a knife. The elves are also a sight to see, whether on a cold ice block, or standing next to a reindeer.

The object of this game, much like with any slot, is to gather as many like symbols on the pay lines as possible. Santa Strikes Back has twenty-five pay lines, and can be played for a maximum of $5 a line.

The symbols involved in the game are also similar to those found on other Real Time Gaming slots. There are nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces, and since no Santa game is complete without the misses,Mrs. Claus reading is another symbol.

Cherry Red is part of the RTG network of online casinos. The software provider is known for their high progressive slot jackpots. At Cherry Red, players can enjoy the games in fun mode, or they can play with real money.


Las Vegas Sands Stock Off And Running In 2010

Las Vegas Sands Stock Off And Running In 2010

Las Vegas Sands began the new year as one of the gaming companies with the biggest room for a jump in stock price. On Monday, the stock price reflected that optimism with a jump of over eleven percent.

Sands stock has risen from $9.12 to $9.73 in just one day of trading in 2010. Analysts believe that once Macau and Singapore projects are completed, the stock should remain stable.

The weekend brought good news from Sands' stock price over on the London Market. In Asia, Sands stock jumped, causing a ripple down effect on the New York market. The company will now look for that price to grow in the future.

Other gaming companies based in the US also had good days to start 2010. MGM Mirage stock jumped 6.69%, to $9.73. Wynn Resorts, the most stable of the US gaming stocks, increased to $63.96, a gain of almost ten percent.

Century Casinos is one of the few casino stocks that fell Monday. Century stock dropped to $2.60, representing a loss of 3.35%, but only $.09. Companies with a minimal gain Monday included Ameristar Casinos ($.07), and Boyd Gaming ($.23).


Obama's terrorism summit

Obama's terrorism summit -- and another Obama-Bush debate

President Obama conducts national security meeting last week in Hawaii.
CAPTIONBy Pete Souza, The White HouseAs President Obama conducts a summit meeting on the Christmas near-tragedy, backers and critics beyond the White House are sure to be arguing about his approach to terrorism -- writing yet another chapter in the battle between the Obama and George W. Bush presidencies.

Defenders of the Bush approach, led by former Vice President Dick Cheney, say Obama regards terrorism as more of a law enforcement problem and diplomatic challenge than a war.

One outspoken critic, columnist Charles Krauthammer, writes that, "from the very beginning, President Obama has relentlessly tried to downplay and deny the nature of the terrorist threat we continue to face."

Obama backers, including the president himself, say he is taking a comprehensive approach, one that includes diplomatic and economic initiatives as well as force to combat extremism.

In his Saturday radio address, Obama said that on Inauguration Day he "made it very clear" that the U.S. "is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred, and that we will do whatever it takes to defeat them and defend our country."

Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer wrote on the White House blog that the difference with Cheney is that Obama "doesn't need to beat his chest to prove" the nation is at war..


New decade in Times Square

New decade in Times Square

As festivities die down and revelers empty out of Times Square after midnight, Oliver Nehring of Dortmund, Germany takes a photo of himself and friend Dasa Surovcikova from Slovakia.

NEW YORK - The crystal ball has dropped and confetti has showered the crowd of hundreds of thousands of revelers in Times Square who are greeting 2010 with cheers.
With hugs and kisses, partygoers tried to look forward to a more hopeful decade after 10 years marred by war, an uncertain economy, terrorism and the threat of environmental catastrophe.
But 50-year-old reveler Gail Guay (gah-WAY') of New Hampshire had this advice: "Don't look back."
Organizers had mixed handwritten wishes with about 3,000 pounds of confetti. The messages include appeals for the safe return of troops fighting overseas, continued employment and a cure for diabetes.
The crowds brought out heightened security. Hundreds of officers were scattered around Times Square. Snipers were at various locations.


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