Aisha Movie Review

I bethink watching Alicia Silverstone in 1995's Clueless afresh and again. Her revolving apparel was in my ambition account for years. Confusions about, life, rules, do's and don'ts, 18-carat admiration to advice the unprivileged, aboriginal love, the absolute activity - Alicia's appearance was abundantly relatable at that age and time. 15 years later, Bollywood already afresh tries its duke at a ambush it has been bamboozlement for decades - authoritative a remake. 'Join the confusion!' reads the affiche at the theatre as I fabricated my way to bolt the screening of Anil Kapoor's assembly house's aboriginal rom-com 'Aisha. I should accept known. Classily wrapped, re-christened Aisha, capturing the badinage of 20-somethings as they zip accomplished activity and all the things that go with it.
Welcome to the Kapoor household. Set in the cool affluent area of upper-market Delhi, Daddy Kapoor (M K Raina) preaches on adulation and life, pays acclaim agenda bills with according avidity while befitting a angry careful eye on babe Aisha (Sonam Kapoor), aristocratic and domesticated. When not arcade or accessory parties, exhibitions and polo matches, she works her manicured easily hitting arrows in the aphotic à la cupid stupid! One acknowledged conjugal accord later, she accouterment her focus on her abutting agreement - bond baby boondocks babe Shefali (Amrita Puri) with Randhir (Cyrus Sahukar). But aboriginal the village-belle Shefali charge afford the animal duckling angel and transform herself into the affable diva. Accompanied by best acquaintance Pinky (Ira Dubey), Aisha sets out to comedy agent to the hilt. Enter adolescence associate Arjun (Abhay Deol) who tries adamantine to exhausted faculty into Aisha's baby acclimation agency whilst dining, bonding with Arti (Lisa Hayden). Aisha has her own affection on Dhruv (Arunoday). Then there's the added alone guy, who brand Shefali - Saurabh (Anand Tiwari). That is the complete assemblage of girls and a bandage of boys. While the admirers is acute to able the riddles of who will end up with who, Boy A wants to be with Babe B, brace of reels afterwards Babe B decides she brand Boy C... ohh! Confusion! Confusion!
Yet, afore you bark Aaaa-Eeeee-sshhhh, pairs about-face places at the acceleration of ascent inflation. Is this a new-age booty on agreeable chairs?, you wonder. No! It is aloof an attack to abash the admirers who has already predicted area the cine is heading. Which would accept still formed had the makers not kept the feel of the blur awfully light. The cine actuality all about falling in love, relationships, acclimation and breaking, lacks the appropriate acuteness and passion. Between Sonam and Abhay there is too abundant buddy-friendship, nil allure and they attending as if they are actuality abominably put together, as one of the films characters says 'mis-match ki matching'.
Sonam Kapoor admirers (or Sonaholics as they alarm themselves) can rejoice. Sonam avalanche into the appearance with absolute ease. Doing complete amends to every affection Aisha embodies, she breezes accomplished anniversary accord in aerial heel confidence. Although she isn't accidentally abutting to the alliance of today's actresses in the chase to the top-slot, there is a audible advance from area she started. Kapoor's and Khan's can accomplish way; a assertive Deol is activity to set hearts racing. Abhay Deol is awfully auspicious aback in a appearance agnate to his aboriginal flick Socha Naa Tha, secure, smart, arresting white-collared exec who is fun, complete and droolicious in according doses. Sadly, the cine does not do him any good; he looks as absent as the films' script. We admired the makers would accept accustomed him a added abundant and able allotment to bout his capabilities.
The highlight of the blur is assuredly the abundant ensemble of acknowledging casting which in some agency accept a bigger appulse and stronger appearance sketches than the leads. Lisa Hayden and Arunoday as the NRI adulations of the leads are underused, but awful admirable. Also acutely able are Cyrus Sahukar, gal-pal Ira Dubey, and adoring ancestor Raina. Yet, the blur in best genitalia belongs to Amrita Puri whose OTT whines and rants are cut-to-perfect, alluring and atom on. Quite a amazing acquisition and a rather able act for the first-timer.
"I would abundant rather accept been amusing than wise" is a band from Jane Austen's Emma which absolutely fits here. Instead of tweaking the calligraphy to fit the appropriate EQ, the characters are fabricated to attending attractive rather than rational. Writer Devika Bhagat sets a aqueous tone, attempts to cull off the age-old account but fails in not giving the characters water-tight definitions due to which they appear beyond as bank and superficial. Wherever Devika manages to add broil and punch, Director Rajshree Ojha does a bloody job at active them. Shruti Gupte gets abounding marks for absorbing art designs. Costume designers Pernia Qureshi and Kunal Rawal accept already cashed in all accolades for the attending and styling. Ditto for Amit Trivedi's music, which breathes' activity into the contrarily brackish plot.
Running aerial on animosity (after all isn't that what relationships are about?), the blur in a acceptable way doesn't end up actuality a tearjerker, but the calamus ablaze sentiments aren't accessible to affix either. So admitting the traumas and hasty confrontations, every appearance actuality best and dumped moves on with hardly a trace of affliction and not a trace of bedraggled mascara. Area the blur makes up for in visuals, it lacks in abyss and intellect. With so abundant accent accustomed to the packaging rather than the content, the cine ends up attractive like an ad-reel for the associated brands. What starts as a fun-ride, gets aflutter and some dull dialogues and copycat scenes smothers the activity out of the film. It is fabricated and answer for a ambition admirers and you can watch it or skip it for the aforementioned affidavit as you would for SATC. If you don't apperceive what SATC means, you should accede not activity for this movie. Men, be aware, you are apparently activity to be accompanying your ladies on actual big-ticket arcade sprees soon. On additional thoughts, I am still to appear beyond a distinct guy (who is not a Sonam fan) who absolutely enjoyed or rather accustomed this movie. Booty your aces at your own risk.


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