Miley Cyrus: all about “Who Owns My Heart

Miley Cyrus is headed for Detroit, Michigan this weekend. Reportedly Miley will shoot visuals for another single from her album Can’t Be Tamed. After the title track, this time it is turn for “Who Owns My Heart” to get turned into a video.

Ken Baker of E! Online informs that Robert Hales, the one directing the title track video, is at the helm this time too and it has also been known that the present video will be up for only a European release.

However, there is no leakage concerning the way the video is going to be shot. No news as to whether there will be a narrative or just random strobing cuts and people would also like to know about Miley’s attire on the video. But they will have to wait.
Meanwhile there is news that Demi Lovato and Miley, once BF, can hardly find time for each other now.

Many are of the opinion though that they have fallen out and now see themselves more as competitors than friends.

In fact the rift started to open when Demi started dating Joe Jonas from Jonas Brothers. Evidently Miley couldn’t take it in the right spirit then as she was dating another Jonas brothers, Mick Jonas.


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