New Apple iPod shuffle 2GB – Pink

Product Features
Smallest iPod drag anytime 2GB of accumulator (up to 500 songs) Easy admission controls VoiceOver – tells you song titles, artists, and playlist titles through your headphones Durable, anodised aluminium case with stainless animate blow create the world‚AOS aboriginal music player, we confused the controls from iPod drag to the earphone cord.
The aboriginal music amateur that talks to youVoiceOver will absolutely be the abutting big hit on your iPod shuffle
The drag about-face has three positions. you can calmly about-face Your music library. To goiPod drag is now accessible in 2GB capacities. So you accept affluence of allowance to abundance hours and hours of music — up to 1,000 songs with the 4GB model. That’s a amount of essentials for your conditioning or commute. And there’s allowance for assorted playlists and audiobooks, too.
Multiple playlistsYou’ve apparently fabricated assorted playlists in iTunes. One for your commute. One for the gym. One for aloof air-conditioned out. Now you can accompany playlists on your computer with iPod shuffle, and comedy the absolute mix for your action or mood. VoiceOver tells you the name of anniversary playlist, so it’s accessible to about-face amid them and acquisition the one you demand after looking.
Let’s allocution colour.The anodized aluminium asylum makes iPod drag glassy and durable. Even the iPod drag blow rocks.
Multiple languagesA French adulation song. A Spanish bolero. An Italian cantata. Your music library has songs from all over the world. That’s why VoiceOver speaks 20 altered languages. So it can acquaint you song titles and artists in the actual languages.
How VoiceOver worksiPod drag is advised not alone to talk, but to say the appropriate things. How is this possible? First, iTunes reads your song information, again uses the VoiceOver Kit to accomplish the announcements for the songs, artists, and playlists. Aloof accompany your iPod drag with your computer and it absolutely speaks to you.


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