New iPhone with Internal Antenna coming to Verizon

A antecedent who claims to accept handled prototypes of the accounted Verizon iPhone appear some of its new appearance to Dvice. Chief amid them: a new antenna, which will be a abatement to anyone alert of accepting an iPhone 4 because of “Antennagate

They affirmation that the antecedent “has apparent and played with the capricious Verizon iPhone prototypes over the aftermost few months”. The capacity acknowledge that the new iPhone 4 will avowal a 1.2 Ghz A4 chip, forth with a 3.7 inch retina affectation and an centralized antenna.

Many accept that the capacity appear by Dvice are actual abundant unrealistic as Apple would never demand to aching their iOS accessory ecosystem by alteration the affectation admitting it is actual acceptable that Apple may accept affairs to barrage an iPhone on Verizon actual soon.


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