Pattinson goes red @ Golden Globe.....

Twilight affection beat Robert Pattinson is one of the sexiest men currently walking on the planet. Since, he has a tsunami of adherent fans, his every move and accessory is scrutinised in data by the alleged Twihards or Robsessed.

Hence, it’s not hasty that his new accessory at the Golden Globe Awards has spawned some austere bulk of chic and hysteria. Pattinson sported red hair at the celebrated accident and affective the actual absorption of the media men who swooped at him with their cameras like an hawkeye swoops down with an coercion at its abeyant prey.

So, the catechism that hangs on all aperture is why has he started affected a afflicted hair style. And the acknowledgment to that is adherence to cinema. Rob Patz, as he is broadly known, is a active amateur and is, currently, cutting for �Water For Elephants’ as able-bodied as �Breaking Dawn’. And he has cited that his characters in both the films accept capricious hair colour. So, he has to accumulate afterlight his tresses.

Apparently, he did a quick dye on his hair afore accessory the Golden Globes area he aswell presented an award. Meanwhile, he is aswell in the account for his eyeball bustling bedchamber scenes with co-star Kristen Stewart in the accessible 4th and 5th editions of the Twilight adventure Breaking Dawn. The images of the blur appearance that appear November and the Twihards would get to attestant some of the raunchiest on-screen moments a vampire has anytime had


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