Wikipedia too complicated for many

Wikipedia bang-up Jimmy Wales: "We point to the results"

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Wikipedia is too complicated for abounding humans to adapt admitting announcement itself as "the chargeless album that anyone can edit", its architect has said.

Jimmy Wales told BBC News the website wants a new bearing of contributors, including added women.

The online encyclopedia, which is 10 years old on 15 January, is the world's fifth a lot of accepted site.

It aims to access its users from 400m to 1bn by 2015. But advance requires a new interface, said Mr Wales.

"We accept to abutment our old ability users because they body the site," he said. "But we aswell charge to accept a access for new users."

He said a lot of humans were "afraid" to accord to the website by the sometimes complicated cipher - accepted as Wiki mark-up - bare to architecture entries.

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Humans thought: 'let's accord the guy the money so he'll go away'”

End Quote Jimmy Wales

"If you bang adapt and you see some Wiki syntax and some camp table anatomy - a lot of humans are actually afraid.

"They're acceptable humans and they don't wish to breach something.

As able-bodied as initiatives such as "adopt a user", that allows accomplished Wikipedians to yield a new user beneath their wing, he said his for-profit aggregation Wikia had been accomplishing a lot of plan designing simple "what you see is what you get" alteration tools.

"We're absolution all of that accessible antecedent and Wikipedia will apparently accept some of that."

'Ugly mug'

However, Mr Wales said that one change he would not accomplish would be to the site's banking model.

It currently operates as a not-for-profit organisation adjourned by donations from its users.

"We accept just accomplished our fundraiser for the year - we aloft $16m (ВЈ10m) faster than we accept anytime done it before," he said.


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