Non-surgical treatments

Non-surgical treatments

Radiotherapy uses radiation to kill cancer cells. It is often used for treating melanoma of the eye.

A beam of radiation is targeted on the cancerous cells, which shrinks the tumour. Alternatively a source of radiation is implanted next to the tumour in an operation. This is called brachytherapy. You will need to stay at hospital until it's removed in another operation about a week later.

Chemotherapy uses medicines to destroy cancer cells. There are lots of chemotherapy drugs. They are usually injected into a vein but sometimes you may be given tablets.

These drugs can cause a variety of side effects, such as making you feel tired or ill. They can also cause nausea or hair-loss. Your specialist will advise you about what side effects to expect.

Chemotherapy can be effective for treating lymphoma of the eye and retinoblastoma. It isn't usually used for melanoma of the eye unless other types of treatment haven't worked.


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