Some eye tumours can be removed by surgery. This can involve removing just the tumour, or the part of the eye it is growing in. Surgery is usually enough to remove most tumours of the eyelids. It's sometimes combined with radiotherapy for treating intraocular tumours.

Some tumours, such as melanoma of the eye, can be treated with laser therapy, which is used to kill the cancer cells.

Occasionally the tumour has spread too far to be safely removed on its own and the whole eyeball may need to be taken out (enucleation). Having this treatment can make people feel upset or worried about how they will cope. The doctors and nurses looking after you will support you during this time and will be able to help and advise you. An artificial (prosthetic) eyeball can be created to match your remaining eye.

Remembered that eye cancer is very rare. Most eye symptoms are due to other causes. However, having a regular eye check is important, as is seeing your doctor if you have any symptoms that you are concerned about.


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