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Lady GaGa Offered Residency In Las Vegas Casino

Lady GaGa has been rising in popularity, and catching the eyes of many people who are fans around the world. One fan happened to be a big name in the casino industry, and has made GaGa an offer that she may not be able to refuse.

Celebrity status has its perks, but Lady GaGa may soon become a resident in a Las Vegas Casino due to her stardom. George Maloof, owner of Palms Casino Resort, had been so impressed, "blown away," in fact, by Lady GaGa's performance last month at the Palms, that he decided to offer her a multi-million dollar deal to for her to become a resident act at the Palms in Vegas.
"She's dedicated to being the top artist in the world," said Maloof about Gaga.
Whether or not GaGa will accept has yet to be determined. Many other female vocalists, including Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, have also taken up residency at Las Vegas locations. This could push GaGa's already powerful career over the edge, all because she decided to play through a casino.
On the other side of the fence, Las Vegas has had tough times, and Lady GaGa could be precisely what casinos need in order to hook players back into the walls. While some.


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