New decade in Times Square

New decade in Times Square

As festivities die down and revelers empty out of Times Square after midnight, Oliver Nehring of Dortmund, Germany takes a photo of himself and friend Dasa Surovcikova from Slovakia.

NEW YORK - The crystal ball has dropped and confetti has showered the crowd of hundreds of thousands of revelers in Times Square who are greeting 2010 with cheers.
With hugs and kisses, partygoers tried to look forward to a more hopeful decade after 10 years marred by war, an uncertain economy, terrorism and the threat of environmental catastrophe.
But 50-year-old reveler Gail Guay (gah-WAY') of New Hampshire had this advice: "Don't look back."
Organizers had mixed handwritten wishes with about 3,000 pounds of confetti. The messages include appeals for the safe return of troops fighting overseas, continued employment and a cure for diabetes.
The crowds brought out heightened security. Hundreds of officers were scattered around Times Square. Snipers were at various locations.


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