3 Simple Tips to Make You Look Fashionable with Your Shawl

In order to look fashionable with your shawls, you need to choose the right accessories, find out the latest styles and types of shawls in the market today, and know what type of shawl to use on a particular occasion.

Even with great innovations in fashion today, shawls will always remain one of women’s best friends. With colder seasons around, shawls will never be out of style no matter what the occasion. To make your shawl look perfectly elegant on you, consider these simple fashion tips:

Choose the right accessories

One great way to modernize the look of your classic shawl is to accessorize it. Accent your shawl with a brooch or bar pin to fit with your clothes. There are a lot of elegant brooches for different occasions available at different ladies stores or at shawl and scarf specialty shops. You may also choose to wear your plain shawl as it is and accessorize it with fashionable glass, agate, or pearl necklaces or jewelry set that will make your get up stand out for its simplicity and elegance.

Check out the latest styles and types in shawls

If you want to do away with plain shawls, check out the new styles, designs, and prints around. Aside from the beaded and crocheted shawls, you can now find those with hanging fringes, with ruffle trims, or even combination of these styles. You can also find shawls with fur or feathers on both ends or on the collar area for added warmth and elegance. There are also different prints of shawls to choose from, such as stripes or checkered.

Know which shawl to use for an occasion

Aside from making sure that you choose the right color, design, and print that will complement your attire, it is also important to know which type of shawl you need to wear that fits the occasion you’re into. Beaded and glittery shawls match with your night outs or any of your evening events. If you are attending a party, you can choose from among shawls with borders on each end such as embossed flowers or beaded flower designs. If you are just going malling or shopping, plain cashmere shawls with pockets, paired with your denim jeans are just perfectly classy. Crocheted shawls with pastel colors also look and feel great for picnics and garden events. If you are a guest at a wedding, a pearl-beaded shawl with a color that matches the theme of the wedding and your dress would be elegantly perfect, too.

Whatever the occasion, wherever you are going, your shawl will not just give you warmth and comfort, but it can be the perfect accessory to complete your get up. As long as you know how to wear it and you know how to carry yourself, you and your shawl will never be out of style.


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