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I don’t own a thing. Not even the computer I’m writing this on. All you’d get out of me is a weird DVD collection.

AN: Since I am the Queen of Denial and prefer to live in blissful ignorance in my universe everyone is single.

The Best Kiss

She couldn’t believe it was over a year since she stood on the same carpet answering stupid questions of what seemed like a million of interviewers and essentially repeating the same things over and over again occasionally being embarrassed by his attempts at joking.

OK, that wasn’t fair, he was funny but that didn’t mean she had to like it, did it.

And here she was again, being pulled this and that way since the moment she stepped out of the car. Being screamed at and photographed and screamed at again. And as if that wasn’t giving her a big enough headache she spotted him. Charming the pants off of some unsuspecting reporter. In a dark blue button-down that was for bigger part unbuttoned showing off the chest hair that caused such an uproar previous year. She didn’t know why though. She kinda liked it. It made...


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