Vena Cava For Less, Fashion Ballers On Basketballers, And More…

Who doesn’t have a lower-priced, secondary collection of T-shirts at this point? It turns out Vena Cava (pictured) didn’t, and now they do: Viva Vena, a line of organic cotton and jersey tees and tanks produced in L.A. All will retail under $200. The wheel remains unreinvented, but we ain’t complaining. [WWD]

Speaking of wheels un-reinvented, Hedi Slimane shot a moody portfolio of dark-eyed Euro youths for the upcoming issue of VMan. This time: Danes. presents a little preview, and again, no complaints. [VMan]

OK, this one is reinvented: Jeff Koons is the latest artist to take on the BMW Art Car challenge, designing his own muscle car, and judging from his psychedelic initial sketches, it should be one to see. []

Jean Paul Gaultier is set to be honored at the 11th annual French Film Festival in Athens next, where he’ll screen some of his favorite flicks. Those include Jacques Becker’sFalbalas, Franco Zeffirelli’s Callas Forever, and an episode of Loïc Prigent’s The Day Before fashion documentary, starring, of all people, Jean Paul Gaultier. [WWD]

And fashion big shots like Love’s Katie Grand and Ford Models’ Paul Rowland say they’d love to cast androgynous Baylor University basketball player Brittney Griner. And, yes, this may be the first time we’ve ever seen “Love’s Katie Grand” and “Baylor University basketball player” in the same sentence. [NYMag]


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