Mom upset over Mugdha Godse's bikini

The hot shots of Mugdha Godse in a white bikini from the accessible blur Help may be accepting a lot of hits on the internet, but they are absolutely not a hit with her mother.

We apprehend that Mugdha’s mother is actual agitated with her daughter’s accommodation to don the two-piece and appearance off her curves to the camera. So abundant so that Mrs. Godse has now chock-full talking to Mugdha.

Mugdha doesn’t apperceive whom to put the accusation on. Agreed that the media has gone a tad abdicate in focussing obsessively on Mugdha’s bikini, but the extra should accept apparent it coming. All the absorption and applause is absolutely flattering, but Mugdha hadn’t accepted her mom’s acrimony in the bargain.

The hottie does affirm that her ancestors comes from a bourgeois accomplishments and that is why they are upset, but she hopes that things will be ironed out soon.

If they don’t we advance Mugdha should lap up a sari-clad role in her abutting film. That ability compensate.


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