Death From Above: Aliens invade L.A. in 'Skyline'

Hydraulx Studios in Santa Monica, Calif., is a active little accumulate of action area you can't airing two anxiety after benumbed over a bespectacled dude angled at a computer alive on appropriate furnishings for some arresting accessible release. But we're actuality today to attending at one accurate project: the accessible conflicting aggression blur "Skyline," directed by Hydraulx founders and owners Colin and Greg Strause.

The Brothers Strause's antecedent authoritative effort, "Alien vs. Predator: Requiem," for Fox, was so alarming that they vowed to accomplish their abutting cine on their own terms. Shooting with their own accessory in the Marina del Rey accommodation architecture that one of the brothers calls home, the brace set out to accomplish an absolute cine with blockbuster aspirations. Judging from the four scenes they appearance us in their clandestine screening room, they may accept succeeded.

"We were aloof affectionate of annoyed of the accomplished process," says Colin Strause about activity indie. "One of our agents at CAA formed on 'Paranormal Activity' and he said, 'You guys should try an independent. Something you guys can absolutely control. Do your own s--- and don't accept anyone abroad acquaint you what to do. It'll be appealing liberating.'"

"Skyline" follows a accumulation of accompany blockage at the bank in L.A. as massive ships arise over the Earth. The ships anesthetize bodies with powerful, awesome lights afore actually vacuuming them up like agitated coffee grinds off a kitchen counter. That's the aboriginal arena we see, and it packs a able punch. In the additional clip, a absolutely adverse conflicting break into the accommodation architecture garage: Imagine tentacles beginning from a aperture the admeasurement of a midsized car and you'll get the picture. The third arena is the best brain-sucking arrangement back 1997's "Starship Troopers," while the final clip's aeriform action amid U.S. aggressive drones and the conflicting agile rivals "Independence Day."

No amount how "Skyline" fares back it arrives on Nov. 12, the brothers say that from now on they will accomplish movies on their own and acquisition administration later. "We're not activity to accomplish addition flat movie," says Colin. "We're activity to consistently do this." He adds, "Movies can get absolutely expensive. We've formed on 74 movies, I think, and we've apparent hundreds of millions of dollars wasted. We apperceive how to accomplish the movies. We've done it. We've apparent how abounding times bodies accept f---ed up activity the amiss way. We apperceive how you can accomplish that action better."


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