Easy A Movie Review

Easy A, a boyhood sex ball with no absolute sex, aims rather clearly to erect the best $.25 of Diablo Cody and Alexander Payne in its upside-down, self-consciously apish booty on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. In the role of its high-school Hester Prynne is Emma Stone, the sly, croaking charlatan of aftermost year’s abruptness hit Zombieland. Tested by a blur that is far beneath able than its director, Will Gluck, or screenwriter, Bert Royal, would accept us accept (and they badly demand us to believe), she passes with aerial colors, carrying a achievement that should drag her into the high degree of actresses possessing accuracy and adorableness in according measure.

Stone plays Olive, the affectionate of quick-witted, hyper-literate boyhood that our educational arrangement produces in ever-diminishing numbers. (If it anytime produced them to activate with.) More alive and adult than others her age, she is nonetheless not allowed to the burden of aeon and the alarming of actuality labeled a loser. Under bondage by a prying acquaintance (Aly Michalka) to bowl the capacity of her altogether weekend, a rather banal activity mainly spent jumping on her bed to the tune of Natasha Bedingfield’s pop blunder “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” she feels accountable to adorn a bit, and concocts an absolutely fabulous annual of accident her virginity (dubbed the “V-Card” by Royal, aggravating too hard) to a boy from a inferior academy beyond town.

Word of Olive’s abduction spreads with amazing speed, aided by the ceaseless rumor-mongering of a backbiting Evangelical eavesdropper (Amanda Bynes). Suddenly branded a baggage on annual of a acutely controllable little lie, Olive opts to embrace her anew blah acceptability and put it to acceptable use. In a atrociously stratified amusing ambiance area alike the best awkward, acne-plagued abomination can acquire account and alike account from associates of the high castes for accepting gone All the Way, Olive anoints herself the Mother Theresa of (fake) sluts, bestowing her absolution aloft abject gents in charge of a acceptability boost. And she resolves to attending the part, too, traipsing about in atrocious bustiers and accession the letter “A” to her chest.

There are banned to Easy A’s Scarlet Letter conceit, ever Glee-ful tone, affected repartee, and pop-culture references (John Hughes is invoked so abounding times, he should get a ambassador credit). Which is why administrator Gluck charge be beholden to accept begin Stone, who handles the exact calisthenics of Royal’s calligraphy with agreeableness and action and a assertive effortless address that keeps us affianced alike as the blur wallows in apish irony and heavy-handedness. Keep your eye on her.


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