Anonymous Wikileaks supporters explain web attacks

A accumulation of pro-Wikileaks activists who accommodating a alternation of web attacks accept explained their actions.
The Anonymous accumulation said they were not hackers but "average internet citizens" who acquainted motivated to act because of perceived injustices adjoin Wikileaks.
The accumulation said it had no absorption in burglary acclaim agenda data or advancing analytical infrastructure.
The data were acquaint online by one of the abounding factions claiming to backpack out the attacks.
"Anonymous is not a group, but rather an internet gathering," it said in a account appear on 10 December.
It said the advancing attacks were a "symbolic action" targeted at accumulated website that had aloof casework from Wikileaks.
"We do not wish to abduct your claimed advice or acclaim agenda numbers. We aswell do not seek to advance analytical basement of companies such as Mastercard, Visa, PayPal or Amazon," it read.
The account comes as added abstracts accept appear to ablaze suggesting the accumulation may be alteration its tactics.


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