Wikileaks: Julian Assange v Sweden's ample animal laws

Julian Assange, the architect of Wikileaks, is angry adjoin displacement from Britain to Sweden area he faces allegations of abduction and coercing women into accepting sex - accusations which his defenders say are allotment of a cabal to blackout him. Stephen Evans letters from Stockholm on how Swedish law may prove difficult for the Wikileaks founder.

Everybody you allocution to in Sweden complex in the Julian Assange activity asserts - generally with some affliction - that: "There Is No Conspiracy."

The Swedish authorities are not acting at the bidding of the CIA or the American admiral in Stockholm if they accomplish activity difficult for the architect of Wikileaks.

Tough laws

The advocate for the two women who accept accused Mr Assange of coercing them sexually told the BBC it was not allotment of some wider, all-around plot.

"Absolutely not," said Claes Borgstrom. "I represent two women who accept accomplished something that abounding bags of women both in Sweden and in added countries accept experienced."

Sweden has one of the toughest laws on animal abomination in the apple - attorneys sometimes antic that men charge accounting permission first.

As Mr Borgstrom put it: "It is not all-important to accept a lot of violence. That is what humans usually think, but in convenance if you force anyone to accept sex with you adjoin their accord you don't accept to use abundant abandon at all. Or you can yield advantage of a difficult bearings for the woman in question."

He says Mr Assange knows that this case is artlessly a amount of what happened with the two women rather than a bigger conspiracy.

"I'm actual abundant analytical of Julian Assange himself because he knows that that is not the case. He should say it has annihilation to do with his assurance with Wikileaks," said Mr Borgstrom.


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