Aisha movie- worth a watch

Aisha (Sonam A Kapoor) is a young south Delhi lass who has nothing better to but make everyone’s life her personal agenda. Filing her upper class existence with shopping, partying and doing the occasional good deed like helping around an animal shelter, in Aisha’s world everything’s perfect. Aisha ends up messing up the lives of just about everyone around her- Shefali (Amrita Puri), a small town girl whom she transforms into an attractive roadblock for Randhir (Cyrus Sahukar), a typical mama’s boy; Pinky (Ira Dubey), her childhood friend who can’t stand Randhir but ends up falling in love with him; Dhruv (Arunoday Singh), the proverbial hunk next door with an interest span shorter than an ice cream’s life. While Aisha thinks she’s just spreading sunshine Arjun (Abhay Deol), her family friend, sees her as nothing more than a vanglorious spoilt brat. He tries to warn her of the consequences of treating friends as projects but Aisha operates on her own rules. Soon Pinky realizes Aisha doesn’t understand her at all, Shefali chooses Saurabh Lamba (Anand Tiwari), who according to Aisha is ‘middle-class’ and Dhruv moves on. All alone for the first time Aisha realizes her shallowness and tries to set things right.

The chronicles of aimless rich kids have been the centerpiece of commercial Hindi cinema for decades now but Aisha ventures into a relatively new territory. This is perhaps for the first time a complete film centers around a spoilt brat who never really transforms into an exemplary citizen!

Written by Devika Bhagat whose previous credits include the popular television series Mahi Way, Aisha is well crafted story that nattily adapts Jane Austen’s Emma. Produced by Anil Kapoor for his daughter, who wasn’t getting any role ‘good’ enough to showcase her talent, Aisha always ran the risk of becoming a vanity project for Sonam A. Kapoor. Thankfully Bhagat’s writing doesn’t allow Aisha to become a full blown Sonam Kapoor vehicle. Bhagat’s writing infuses life into almost every character and excellent casting ensures that characters don’t remain cardboard cut-outs.

While possessing the correct lineage to portray the titular role, Sonam Kapoor just about manages to get Aisha right. Yes, she looks the part, she is stylish, dresses the part and even manages to get nuances right every now and then but one gets a feeling that Sonam Kapoor is a tad too conscious of the camera. Looking at her performance you tend to get a feeling that she is more consumed by the thought of playing a character like Aisha as opposed to actually playing her! It’s not that Kapoor won’t convince you of Aisha’s impish ways but she looks weak especially when surrounded by some really good characters. One big problem with Aisha is that for a large part all the female characters look bad copies of each other

Aisha’s world might be one big doll house where nothing’s so bad that it can’t be fixed but to call Aisha a chick flick won’t be totally true. The men in the film- Randhir, Arjun, Dhurv, Suarabh as well as the elders are well etched and surprisingly have more meat than either Pinky or Aisha. Abhay Deol seems to be on a roll these days and manages to make Arjun, a role rumored to be rejected by Imran Khan, stand tall. Cyrus Sahukar’s Randhir is fun but it’s Amrita Puri as Shefali who is the real surprise of the film.

Too much has been said about Sonam Kapoor’s exquisite sense of style and you won’t be let down if that’s what you seek but thankfully Aisha has more to offer than Sonam’s poise.

Sonam A Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Ira Dubey, Amrita Puri, Cyrus Sahukar and Arunoday Singh

Written By:
Devika Bhagat

Directed by:
Rajashree Ojha



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