Drew Barrymore shuns extreme diets

The ‘Poison Ivy‘ star, famed for her curvaceous figure, has ruled out starving herself in a bid to get any thinner like Hollywood actresses Liz Hurley, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Beyonce Knowles, or shave off pounds for a movie role, according to a report.

She, in fact, insisted that eating everything in moderation as well as undergoing regular exercise is the essential if one wants to get the ideal body shape.

‘My top beauty and fitness tip is to eat whatever you want in smaller increments but don’t starve yourself to societal pressures. And I love to exercise because it makes me feel good about myself,’ she said.

Unlike many other celebrities take dieting to the extreme in order to get as thin as possible, the ”Grey Gardens” star is determined to maintain her figure through healthy eating and exercise.


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