Cheryl Cole to return to US again

CHERYL Cole is expected to return to the US X Factor - weeks after she was axed by TV execs.

The singer, 27, is set to rejoin the judging panel on Wednesday when the New Jersey auditions start.
It comes after an outcry from the Girls Aloud singer's fans when TV network Fox let her go.

Video: Cheryl reported to be back in USA

CHERYL COLE might be making a return to the States to star in X Factor
But last night Simon Cowell stepped in and was penning the deal that would see her back on the massive US show.
Nicole Scherzinger had been mooted as a replacement for her, but will now go back to her role as co-presenter.
Cheryl had already filmed four auditions and was thought to be thrilled with the way she had gelled with the other judges.
Incredibly Cowell is understood to have used footage which can be seen on YOUTUBE of the auditions to convince execs not to dump her.
A source said: "This is the biggest surprise of the lot, Cheryl is back.
"Who could have possibly predicted this - it appeared that Simon had dumped Cheryl for good.
Stepped in ... Cowell stuck for Cheryl
Stepped in ... Cowell stuck for Cheryl
"But behind the scenes Simon has been wooing Cheryl.
"Key executives at Fox realised they had made a big mistake.
"They have been watching the tapes of her at the American auditions and realised she could be a huge star over there."
There had been reports Cheryl's accent had been a problem on the show - but this was not the case.
She even poked fun at Simon at one audition, encouraging people to boo him for the other judges' amusement.
Tellingly no-one at Fox had ever confirmed that she had been sacked from the show, predicted to be a massive Stateside success.
Cheryl signed a deal worth a mind-blowing £1.2million with Fox to judge the audtions and appear on the twice weekly autumn live shows.


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