Salman counters SRK; Aamir is no.One, says Sallu

The rivalry between Salman and Shahrukh Khan is known to one and all but it seems that one Khan is getting all the attention and appreciation. Yes, Mr. Perfectionist has been termed as the number One actor of Bollywood by none other than the Dabangg Khan.
Salman Khan who is still riding high with the success of ‘Dabangg’ claims Aamir to be the real superstar and said, “Aamir is the number one hero of Bollywood and I like him for the kind of work he has done. He is also a great guy.”
During the launch of theatrical promo of ‘Ra.One’ Shahrukh Khan said, “G stands for Gauri and one stands for my position in the industry (he chuckled).”
So, it seems that Salman is all set to counter SRK’s self proclaimed position and make Mr. Perfectionist rule the Bollywood chart and trying to convey to King Khan that ‘Picture Abhi Baki Hai!?


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