Video - Singham Trailer, watch Ajay Devgan smash it up!

Go on a rollercoaster ride with Ajay Devgan in the Singham trailer.
Muscleman Ajay Devgan is back to action in Singham. Watch Ajay smash up baddies in the Singham trailer. The movie will release on July 22nd and south actress Kajal Aggarwal is the heroine.

Directed by Rohit Shetty, Singham is the remake of a Tamil blockbuster with the same title, and is the story of a brave cop in a small town. Ajay plays Marathi cop Bajirao Singham and Kajal Aggarwal his love interest. The movie has the right mix of fun and emotions along with some jaw-dropping action scenes performed by Ajay.

Ajay went through extensive weight training, under fitness expert Prashant Sawant, to get a beefed-up look. The 42-year-old actor will show his six packs in the film which were not at all easy to get. The actor has pumped iron to get those rippling muscles that his character requires in the film.

Rohit who is known for going over-the-top to shoot his action sequences has made no compromises, and promises high-octane action throughout. Talking about the opening sequence in the film, "The scene is set in a parking lot where a kidnapping takes place. It is a chase scene between Ajay and some gangsters for which we will require to blow up cars. In the shot, there will be about 200 cars, out of which we will blow up 20 cars," says Rohit.

Watch the Singham trailer below. Enjoy it!

The first trailer of Singham takes you on a rollercoaster ride. Ajay Devgan is back and this time he is not doing comedy but has a serious business to finish. He will throw fists at the baddies, and will fight injustice.

Director Rohit Shetty announced Singham, right after he was done with Golmaal 3. He chose to one again work with close friend Ajay Devgan. Rohit has of late become known for comedies, but not many may remember that his debut film was an action thriller.

Singham marks Rohit's return to action after 8 years. The move has been shot in Goa, in a record time and is ready for release.

The movie is produced by Reliance Entertainment and will hit theatres on July 22.


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