Jon Stewart OWNS Fox News Over Common White House "Controversy"

As expected, some well-known Fox News "journalists" were all fired up about Common's White House visit this week, during which the rapper read a poem.
As expected, Jon Stewart took them to task in an EPIC rant last night.
In typical Stewart fashion, he shredded their argument by simply using Fox News' own words against it, making the network look like an absolute joke:
You wouldn't assume a Comedy Central show would be more trustworthy than a quote-unquote news channel, but it's fairly obvious that's the case here.
Regardless of whether Common should have been asked to attend Michelle Obama's poetry event, Fox News is just pulling stuff out of its collective arse.
Between their obvious hypocrisy, misquoting of Common and twisting anything to stir up controversy, it was not their best week, even by their low standards.


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