Justin Bieber and Barack Obama Work to Make Dreams Come True

President Barack Obama reached out to Justin Bieber this week for assistance.
It all started when Obama made a visit to Ground Zero soon after Osama Bin Laden was killed. There, he met 14-year old Payton Wall, who had written to the President, told him of her father dying on 9/11 and also expressed her affection for a certain 17-year old singer.
Obama and Justin Bieber FanClose Up of Justin Bieber
Obama reportedly told Wall that he knew Bieber and would organize an introduction between her and her idol. Many reporters and publications mocked the President for making such a promise.
But it looks like it will come true.
According to TMZ, the White House contacted the Biebs and he "was super-excited about getting the call -- and told the White House he will DEFINITELY meet the girl when he returns to the U.S. and can get back to the East Coast."
How do you like them apples, Marg Helgenberger? Who is a brat now?!?


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