New Couple Alert: Martha Stewart and Seth Meyers?!?!?

Seth Meyers is a very funny man. Seriously, did you listen to his remarks at The White House Correspondents' Dinner?
Now, according to The National Enquirer, homemaking maven Martha Stewart is the latest to benefit from this comedian's sense of humor.
That tabloid claims the seemingly mismatched pair are a couple, as "Seth has been on Martha’s TV show four times and they’ve grown to like each other a lot." Moreover, a source says Stewart "needs to laugh" these days.
Martha Stewart PicSeth Meyers Pic
How come?
Her company posted a first quarter loss over $7 million, and her ex-boyfriend just had a baby with another woman. Tough times, indeed.
“The only bright spots for Martha recently have been the birth of her grand­daughter Jude – the baby her daughter Alexis had through a surrogate – and Seth,” said the insider.


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